1607: Jamestown and the New World

1607: Jamestown and the New World

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ISBN: 074255838X

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1607 vividly tells the story of the founding of Jamestown, recounting the situation of the original Indian inhabitants, the arrival of British settlers 400 years ago, the building of the town-and modern excavations at the site. Along the way, we meet such familiar figures as King James, John Smith, and Pocahontas, but we also come across strange episodes of cannibalism and skullduggery, heroism, and romantic love.














Eskimos had been brought to London since the reign of Elizabeth’s grandfather, Henry VII. In September 1603 a plague-ridden London had seen “Virginians” demonstrate their skill in handling their dugout canoe on the River Thames, sponsored by James’s first minister, Lord Salisbury. They may have been Algonquians from the Chesapeake. James was a renaissance humanist scholar, taught by the greatest Latin poet of the day—the Scotsman George Buchanan. Basic to classical and renaissance thought was the

Christmas among the Salvages, where we were never more merry, nor fed on more plentie of good Oysters, Fish, Flesh, Wild-foule, and good bread; nor never had better fires in England, then in the dry smoaky houses of Kecoughtan. The description originally appeared in Smith’s travel tale The Proceedings of the English Colonie in Virginia since the fzrst beginning from England in the yeare of our Lord 1606, till this present 1612, with all their accidents that befell them in their Journies and

tactful, in the main, that modern readers and students have seldom heard of such a thing, and commonly disbelieve it when they do. At that, some ask what purpose is served by recalling these ancient unpleasantnesses when there are to be recounted more inspiring, and less embarrassing, passages in the Jamestown saga. That would leave the saga incomplete, like telling the story of the Oregon Trail and not mentioning the Donner Party. Without it, the understanding of how narrow were Jamestown’s

Law of 1980 boosted the industry, and technical aid from the United States Department of Agriculture and state universities helped accelerate the growth and quality of its product. At Monticello, Jefferson’s northeast vineyard was replanted in 1985 and his southwest vineyard in 1993. Visitors to the historic home have the opportunity to buy bottles of gift-shop wine. There were six Virginia wineries in 1976, and more than seventy by 2002. Virginia ranked tenth in the nation in volume, and its

by the Virginia Company, was later reported to be “very weake of a Consumpcon, art m’ Coughs in the Black Friers.” Like the Belle Sauvage, the Black Friars lay beside the Fleet Ditch at the bottom of Ludgate Hill. It is hard not to see the disease’s wasting weakness in the face of the twenty-one-year-old Pocahontas. Much more pleasing to the Anglo-American eye is the well-known painting derived from the Van de Passe engraving, in which she appears healthy and well able to pass for an English

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