Globocop: How America Sold Its Soul and Lost Its Way

Globocop: How America Sold Its Soul and Lost Its Way

Mark David Ledbetter

Language: English

Pages: 257

ISBN: B003F769H8

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The two post 9-11 presidential elections offered America a choice between big-government, high-tax globocops quibbling over the details, not an alternative to the aggressive international militarism that makes America the natural and logical target of terrorism. This book looks at the progression from republic protected by militia to empire protected by standing armies in Athens and Rome - and the similar progression in America. It looks at an alternative: The Swiss way, which has kept Switzerland free and republican for 700 years in the center of a warlike continent. America once understood and followed Washington's Great Rule and J. Q. Adams' admonition not to go out into the world in search of monsters to destroy. America was then the light of freedom, not the sword. Now it has picked up the sword only to see the light grow dimmer year by year.















unite England. His reign, protected by armed citizen-soldiers serving part-time in the fyrd, saw a 10th century mini-renaissance of culture, education, and law in England. A century later, following the Norman Conquest, many Saxon rights were curtailed but the right and duty to maintain arms remained. Under the Assize of Arms in 1181, “the whole community of freemen” between the ages of 15 and 40 were required to possess arms. The Assize of 1253 expanded the obligation to include “villeins,” or

threat to freedom, as Harry Hopkins gleefully makes clear. America has never approached the totalitarian extreme of Hopkins’ vision but it is certain that during war the power and size of government will increase, as will taxes, while personal liberties will decrease. After the war, the power and size of government typically decline, though not to prewar levels. The loss of personal liberties is normally only partially restored. The authoritarian precedents of wartime behavior always remain. The

throughout the world. America will rule and allow no one to challenge its rule. The Bush Doctrine is a declaration that Washington’s Great Principle and the Monroe Doctrine are dead, that the Constitution is no longer relevant to foreign policy. The NSS assumes that the rest of the world will be content having only Americans elect the leader of the world, and it assumes and requires that from now on Americans only elect presidents who will wield the immense power judiciously without misusing it.

equivocations, a propaganda of fear, and in every crisis an appeal for unity, lest we present to the world the aspect of a divided nation, until at last it may be proclaimed that events have made the decision and it is irrevocable. Thus, now to alter the course is impossible. Who says it is impossible? The President says it; the State Department says it; all globalists and one-worlders are saying it. Do not ask whether or not it is possible. Ask yourself this: If it were possible, what would it

government and its leaders. Disclaimer This book’s advocacy of militia defense of the nation has absolutely nothing to do with the so-called “modern militia movement,” which has moved into the vacuum left when the mainstream abandoned traditional civilian defense. Non-governmental “militias” have expropriated the patriotic images and heroic history of true American militia and used them for their own purposes. They organize potentially murderous groups of angry people, many of whom are

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