Great Issues in American History, Vol. II: From the Revolution to the Civil War, 1765-1865

Great Issues in American History, Vol. II: From the Revolution to the Civil War, 1765-1865

Richard Hofstadter

Language: English

Pages: 448

ISBN: 0394705416

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Spans the history of America from its discovery to the present, providing a generous sampling of documents.




















to Russia and France, than to come in as a cockboat in the wake of the British man-of-war. This idea was acquiesced in on all sides.… DOCUMENT 10 JAMES MONROE, MESSAGE TO CONGRESS, DECEMBER 2, 1823 These now-famous words were not referred to as the “Monroe Doctrine” until 1852. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, who had been most active in formulating the principles in the Monroe Doctrine, wrote the passage on the “non-colonization principle” at the close of the first paragraph.

improvement is abroad upon the earth. It stimulates the hearts and sharpens the faculties not of our fellow-citizens alone, but of the nations of Europe and of their rulers. While dwelling with pleasing satisfaction upon the superior excellence of our political institutions, let us not be unmindful that liberty is power; that the nation blessed with the largest portion of liberty must in proportion to its numbers be the most powerful nation upon earth, and that the tenure of power by man is, in

between right and wrong. You may turn over everything in the Democratic policy from beginning to end, whether in the shape it takes on the statute book, in the shape it takes in the Dred Scott decision, in the shape it takes in conversation, or the shape it takes in short maxim–like arguments,—it everywhere carefully excludes the idea that there is anything wrong in it. That is the real issue. That is the issue that will continue in this country when these poor tongues of Judge Douglas and

Anti-intellectualism in American Life (1963) received the Pulitzer Prize in general nonfiction, the Emerson Award of Phi Beta Kappa, and the Sidney Hillman Prize Award. Mr. Hofstadter’s other books include The Paranoid Style in American Politics (1965), The Progressive Historians (1968), The Idea of a Party System (1969), and America at 1750 (1971). He also edited, with Michael Wallace, American Violence: A Documentary History (1970).

they chuse none to represent them; yet are they not Englishmen? or are they not taxed? I am well aware, that I shall hear Locke, Sidney, Selden, and many other great names quoted to prove that every Englishman, whether he has a right to vote for a representative, or not, is still represented in the British Parliament; in which opinion they all agree: on what principle of common sense this opinion is founded I comprehend not, but on the authority of such respectable names I shall acknowledge its

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