The Great American Trivia Book: In Facts We Trust

The Great American Trivia Book: In Facts We Trust

Daniel Adams

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1440573603

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Bring American history to life with these amazing facts!

Forget about mind-numbing historical facts and dive into an entertaining exploration of America's past! With The Great American Trivia Book, you'll discover hundreds of unbelievable facts about our great fifty states. From Christopher Columbus's major voyage mishap to George W. Bush's $40 million inauguration celebration, this thrilling journey into America's past reveals the details and stories behind the people and events that completely changed this country.

Covering everything from the birth of our nation to recent history, The Great American Trivia Book offers a fascinating look into the country you thought you knew.




















the turning point in the northwest for the Americans and tipped the balance of power. Around the time that Key wrote his poem, both American and British negotiators were meeting in Belgium to agree on settlement terms. But while peace was being procured, the British decided to invade the Gulf Coast. _____________ _____________ ANDREW JACKSON WON a decisive victory over the British in the Battle of New Orleans on January 8, 1815. This was perhaps the greatest (and most unnecessary) battle of the

Bacon captured the town and burned it. _____________ _____________ HIRED BY THE Dutch to find the Northwest Passage to Asia, English explorer Henry Hudson sailed into the wonderfully sheltered bay at Manhattan Island, one of the greatest natural harbors in the world, in September 1609. Spurred by Hudson’s tales of a fur-trading paradise, the Dutch West India Company colonized this new region in 1624, calling it New Netherlands. The following year, they established a Dutch trading post, named

undertaking during its time because of its complexity and its cost of $350 million. _____________ _____________ THE FIFTY-MILE-LONG PANAMA CANAL opened to shipping on August 15, 1914, under United States control. Panamanian resentment over the next century led to new negotiations, and in the 1970s, treaties recognizing Panama’s ultimate ownership of the canal and surrounding lands were signed. Panama controlled the region from 1979 on, and the United States officially turned over the Panama

Plan, but when the Soviets realized that the United States wanted their cooperation with the capitalist societies of Western Europe, they left the meeting to establish their own plan to integrate Communist states in Eastern Europe. With more than $13 billion in U.S. aid to Western Europe, there was clearly an economic curtain dividing it from the Soviet-backed lands. _____________ _____________ THE LARGEST AMOUNTS of aid after World War II went to Great Britain, France, Italy, and West Germany,

_____________ _____________ EISENHOWER KEPT HIS campaign promise to end the Korean conflict. He ran the government much as he ran things in the army, by appointing people to office who would take charge under his supervision. With the United States and Soviet Union as contentious superpowers, President Eisenhower cut back defense spending on traditional weapons while boosting nuclear deterrents. _____________ _____________ THE YEAR 1959 brought America two new states. Alaska was admitted as

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