Youth Fantasies: The Perverse Landscape of the Media

Youth Fantasies: The Perverse Landscape of the Media

Language: English

Pages: 281

ISBN: 1403961654

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Youth Fantasies is a collection of studies conducted in cross-cultural collaboration over the past ten years that theorizes 'youth fantasy'; as manifested through the media of TV, film, and computer games. Unlike other media studies and education books, the authors employ both Lacanian and Kleinian psychoanalytic concepts to attempt to make sense of teen culture and the influence of mass media. The collection includes case studies of X-Files fans, the influence of computer games and the 'Lara Croft' phenomenon, and the reception of Western television by Tanzanian youth. The authors see this book as a much needed reconciliation between cultural studies and Lacanian psychoanalysis, and attempt to highlight why Lacan is important to note when exploring youth fantasy and interest in the media, especially in shows like X-Files .















radio, music) they appear to lose their heightened value. The object no longer retains a special place in our lives. The “lived” time with objects (and people) seems to be progressively shorter and shorter. We are more likely to discard the object (divorce the object) and purchase a newer model (usually younger) than repair it (through counseling) so that our history with it fails to develop. Our libidinal relationship to both people and things begins to suffer with ironic consequences. Like

themselves in, such as in peer groups, the home, amongst close personal friends, and in their ethnic communities. Media “literacy” in these accounts give credence to the motivations and intents and purposes for youth judgments, and view them as “critical” consumers and producers. Researchers take pride in the fact that they are “in the field” where the action is; getting their hands “dirty” with “real” empirical stories that their interviewees are giving them, and then analyzing the transcripts

heart, even if that means his own death. Read in this way, Abraham was willing to commit a diabolical act of Evil to usher in the Good. Is this not the very same gesture that Palestinian suicide bombers enact in their impossible struggle with Israel, believing that their sacrifice will usher in a new Good? Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, known as Hamas (“Courage” in Arabic) has a collective faith in its particular interpretation of the Jihad (The Holy War) to liberate Palestine. They

Other has to reflect the self in some way—be eroticized as a self-love. The Other is more or less like me and that’s why I love them. Paradoxically, it is this very hyper-narcissistic ego that becomes “ugly” in its attempt to be unlike the Other; the body has to take on more differential signs to distinguish it from the “norm” (as Other)—more tattoos, more pierces, more radical hair styles, more funky inverted clothes, more plastic surgery, more . . . . There is no celebration of naked innocence

“manage” it. During this time, often traditional values of the nuclear family are reinstated, and the power of patriotism reconfirmed in establishing the nation as one big family. The host is never the expert, but plays more the role of a concerned citizen, mediator, and interlocutor, who brings guests and audience together. Many of these talk-show hosts have become catalysts for reuniting “lost” family members to reinstate a sense of “community,” and to restore dispersed and dysfunctional

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